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On-Site Corporate Services

Companies choose to participate in a wellness program for many reasons.
  • Reduction in insurance premiums (medical cost)

  • Improving employee’s health

  • Getting better returns on their #1 asset (the employee)

  • Decrease absenteeism

  • Improve productivity; which reduces errors, improves efficiency, and improves decision making

  • Assists with recruitment and retention of employees

Our Mission

Spine Specialists of Atlanta’s mission is to assist businesses and organizations in reducing healthcare costs and improving job performance. We achieve this by consulting with management to develop organizational systems that support employees in managing their own health. We also train employees in health and performance technologies to give them the tools, skills and motivation to maintain their optimal level of health and performance.

Wellness programs access personal health and risk factors.

Programs consist of many different health care needs depending on the companies employees. The program may consist of tobacco cessation, diet and weight management, fitness routine, biometric screenings for cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, and body composition, health coaching, and personal counseling, etc.

All programs consist of three main pillars:
  • Increasing awareness of wellness issues (information)

  • Supporting health management (personal change)

  • Promoting a healthy work environment (organizational support)

Promoting wellness programs can have a substantial impact on profitability by reducing healthcare costs, increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism, and by providing a positive, healthy work environment.

The Irlen Syndrome

The Irlen Syndrome can affect many areas, including: Academic and Work performance, Behavior, Attention, Ability to sit still and concentrate. The Irlen Method has been used for over 25 years to identify and help people with a type of processing problem called Irlen Syndrome.

Irlen Syndrome (also referred to at times as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and Visual Stress) is a perceptual processing disorder. It is not an optical problem. It is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information. This problem tends to run in families and is not currently identified by other standardized educational or medical tests.

Irlen Syndrome can affect many different areas, including:

  • Academic and work performance

  • Behavior

  • Attention

  • Ability to sit still

  • Concentration

This problem can manifest itself differently for each individual. This problem is not remediable and is often a lifetime barrier to learning and performance. If you suffer from any of the following, Irlen Syndrome might be your problem:

  • Print looks different

  • Environment looks different

  • Slow or inefficient reading

  • Poor comprehension

  • Eye strain

  • Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Difficulty with math computation

  • Difficulty copying

  • Poor sports performance

  • Poor depth-perception

  • Low motivation

  • Low self-esteem

Our Clients

List of companies we already partnered with to provide onsite medical services:

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