Discectomy with Neural Decompression (aka D.N.D. or Bandaid Surgery)

Car Crash Relief has partnered with Renew Spinal Care and Dr. Alo to bring the Bandaid or D.N.D. procedure to our patients. This surgical technique is designed to produce minimal damage and provide maximum ease in the treatment of a variety of common lower back problems, including herniated spinal discs and a narrowing of the spinal column called stenosis. The procedure has several advantages over other common spinal surgeries and is known as the “Bandaid” surgery because the incision is smaller than a bandaid and often that is all the bandage you need after this procedure.

Advantages of Direct Visualization Tiny incision

  • Direct access to pathology

  • Visual diagnosis of pain source

  • Earlier treatment

  • Potential for immediate relief

  • Less chance for recurrence

  • Minimal scarring

  • Multiple levels and bilateral—ONE procedure!

See how we helped one man live a life free of pain:

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