360 Office Services

Take Your Practice from six-figures to seven-figures TODAY!

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Whether you need additional patients walking through the door or clients who need your legal advice.

Car Crash Relief has your solution.

Attorney 360

What Car Crash Relief can do for Attorneys?

  • Makes sure your office is HIPPA compliant

  • Legal software, IT and phone services

  • Staffing

  • Marketing to the community by way of Community Health Fairs, Chambers, Corporation Marketing, Public and Private School Systems

What can Car Crash Relief’s 360 program do for Attorneys?

  • Law firm loans, lines of credit, appeals funding, litigation funding, trial and expert funding, medical procedure funding

  • Marketing your firm

  • Introduce you to doctors in the personal injury business that will refer you business

  • Introduce the following specialists that work on liens:

    • Anesthesiologists
    • Chiropractors
    • ENT/Plastic Surgery
    • Neurosurgeons
    • Orthopedic Surgeons
    • Pain Management Physicians
    • Primary Care Physicians

Doctor 360

How is Doctor 360 different?

  • Provides help with the following contracts: MD/DC contracts, medical director operating agreements, joint venture agreements, marketing agreements and many more

  • Providing a medical director, PA, NP, LPN, MA

  • Provides a credential list to get you in with the major payer groups

  • Helps to set up EMR systems, Phones and IT

  • Help with staffing and personnel

  • Provides proprietary treatments and protocols on Primary Care

  • Set up all CLIA certifications

  • Makes sure all offices are HIPPA compliant

  • Marketing


  • Provides guidance on medical financing to help grow your business

  • Provides business and health care attorneys

  • Provides business banking specialists for any further needs

Disclosure Statement

As a community service, all Car Crash Relief Doctors and Attorneys are disclosed to the public. This allows options for the patient during their personal injury experience.
All doctors that participate in any Car Crash Relief program will have a link to their Doctor CV for all attorneys to review. This discloses all information about the doctor.
All Attorneys that participate in any Car Crash program will have a link to their Attorney CV for review. This discloses all information about the Attorneys.
Any questions about Car Crash Relief’s attorneys please call the Georgia State Bar Association at: (404) 527-8700

Any questions about Car Crash Relief’s Doctors or Chiropractors please call the Georgia Medical/Chiropractic Board of Examiners at (478) 207-2440

Car Crash Relief will entertain third party claims