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Physical therapy refers to therapy based upon a care plan which will provide the patient with beneficial techniques which will allow the patient to use his or her own body to overcome ailments. Physical therapy focuses upon: strength training, aerobic exercises, stretching, and instruction on proper body mechanics to alleviate pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced physical therapist in Atlanta or visit our physical therapy center in Atlanta.

The Benefits

  • Pain management/modification over time.

  • Help with chronic pain by increasing mobility and strength; strength training helps make tasks easier to accomplish despite chronic pain.

  • Better range-of-motion.

Types of Physical Therapy

  • Passive—includes: warm/cold compresses, ultrasound

  • Active—includes: yoga/stretching, weight training, aerobic exercises

Physical Therapy Care Plan

Your physical therapist will create a care plan specific to your needs following a series of screenings and evaluations to determine a regimented plan best for you based upon your diagnosis. The care plan will be collaborative in nature, utilizing information from the patient to develop an acceptable, realistic, culturally competent, and patient-centered course of action.

Basic Physical Therapy Plan Objectives

  • Providing patient with independence through safe daily living techniques

  • Showing patient how to avoid re-injury

  • Sharing joint protection techniques

  • Demonstrating assistive device care (i.e., crutches/wheelchairs)

  • Home exercise regimen tailored to specific injury/condition

  • Home safety tips (particularly helpful for ailments of strength, balance, and/or vision)

Prevention—Your Best Defense

Prevention is a key component of health promotion, fitness, and wellness. Your care plan provider will focus on getting you in the best shape possible while preventing future injuries by developing a physical therapy plan specific to your needs.

Our Physical Therapy Treatments:

  • Neck & Back Rehab Programs

  • Ankle Rehab Programs

  • Shoulder Rehab Programs

  • Hip Rehab Programs

  • Active Strengthening Exercises

  • Ultrasounds

  • Electrical Stimulation

  • Traction

  • Passive Active ROM

  • Progressive Resistive Exercises

  • Gait Training

  • Therapeutic Home Exercise

  • Instruction

How Physical Therapy Can Benefit You

Though every body is different and every cause of pain can vary, a physical therapist can help provide individualized care tailored to the specific needs of the patient in order to help alleviate and manage the patient’s symptoms. SSOA’s approach combines holistic therapies with traditional medical practices, allowing the patient the best of both worlds.

This innovative and well-rounded approach creates individualized service focused upon total physical therapy care that aids in correcting improper habits, alignments, and movement patterns while providing excellent results for chronic pain sufferers.