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Stem Cell Treatment

If you are suffering from pain, such as arthritis, chronic ligament pain or joint pain, it is important to realize that you may have options beyond potentially harmful, dangerous and additive narcotics. Depending on your medical history, you may be an ideal candidate for non-surgical stem cell injection treatment.

Our Stem Cell Treatment is Non-Surgical and Effective

What is it that makes non-surgical stem cell injection treatment so effective? The answer is that non-surgical stem cell injection uses your own stem cells to treat a variety of chronic orthopedic conditions. Arthritis, cartilage damage and other chronic pain conditions can be effectively treated using your body’s own stem cells.

The goal is to use your body’s own remarkable healing abilities to treat your chronic pain issues. Since we fully take advantage of your stem cells, there is no risk of rejection. This factor means the odds of your body being able to foster its own repair are greatly improved.

Stem Cells from Adipose Tissue

Your body contains deposits of stem cells in two locations: your adipose tissue, also known as fat cells, and your bone marrow. In our procedures, we only take stem cells from the adipose tissue. The next step in the process is that we inject them directly into the region that is responsible for your chronic pain.

Stem Cells Adapt to Surrounding Cells

Stem cells are truly amazing wonders of nature. A stem cell is a highly adaptable cell. When we inject a stem cell into a damaged area of your body, it will adapt to the cells around it. This means that we can use your body’s own materials to promote the regeneration of anything from cartilage to bone and even tendons.

No Chance of Rejection, Plus Numerous Benefits

The benefits of stem cell injection are diverse and numerous. As we use your own stem cells, there is a remarkable 100% acceptance.

Additionally, we are able to inject a high concentration of stem cells right into the area where they are needed most. Through this, great precision is possible. The end result is providing the maximum benefits possible to our patients.

Another key benefit is that stem cell treatment provides long-lasting benefits when they are injected directly into a damaged joint. This treatment is, of course, in stark contrast to narcotics, which do nothing to actually address source of the damage. In comparison, narcotics are solely focused on the management of pain in an ongoing fashion.

Are There Risks Involved?

As with any medical procedure, there is always some risk of infection. On some rare occasions, InStem cell treatment result in inflammation in the injection area. However, since we use your body’s stem cells, there is no risk of complications resulting from rejection.

Key Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment
  • Can provide pain relief from arthritis and chronic ligament or joint pain

  • Long lasting benefits

  • Use your body’s own stem cells

  • No risk of rejection

  • Treatment can be highly focused for maximum effective

  • Allows for potential pain relief without the use of narcotics

  • Provides a non-surgical option

Do you have questions about stem cell treatments and how they can benefit you? Please contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.