An auto accident can be draining. You probably don’t feel like calling a body shop to repair your car. Car Crash Relief works with the best Body Shops in the Atlanta area. We will match you with a body shop to fix your vehicle and put you in a rental if needed.

An insurance companies accident claims adjuster will do everything in his or her power to minimize your insurance settlement to cover damage sustained to your vehicle.

Here are some of their insurance tricks:

  • They mostly do visual estimates without breaking down the car to see real structural damage.
  • They will use aftermarket parts and cheap paint which decreases the actual property damage of your car.
  • Their estimates are usually 50% less then a private body shop would be.
  • They sometimes don’t pay diminished value on your car.
  • States that must address diminished value are Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Hawaii, and North Carolina.

Are attorneys supposed to help you with your car repairs?

If its not in their contract, then their not responsible to help you with your car repairs. If your attorney or a representative from their firm tells you they do help with auto repairs, you need to be concerned. Look at your contract. If it’s not in your attorney’s contract, their not obligated to help you in the time sensitive manner you need. Most attorneys use the car repair as a tool to make you sign their contract for the personal injury side. They know that your personal injury claim and your car repair are completely two different claims. They have nothing to do with each other. “Look at your contract!”

Knowing this is a time sensitive issue for the plaintiff, here are the most common problems when you let your attorney handle the repair side of the claim.

  • They don’t contact the plaintiffs insurance company or the opposing insurance company in a timely manner.
  • They still haven’t produced the police report.
  • At this point weeks have gone by and either your stuck without a car, or your paying a daily rental rate. This gets expensive for the plaintiff and is unnecessary.
  • The attorney never educates the plaintiff on what body shops to use. This can be another nightmare for the plaintiff.
  • After going back and forth with your attorney about the above situations, your attorney will just tell you to deal with the issues on your own. Remember, “if it’s not in the contract their not responsible to help you.”

Car Crash Relief can help in the following ways:

  • Make sure both your insurance company and the opposing insurance company knows the accident happened.
  • Make sure you get a copy of your police report.
  • If you don’t have a police report and have the other drivers insurance information, we will show you how to generate one.
  • We will get a certified CCR body shop in contact with you.
  • It doesn’t matter if your cars totaled, in a storage yard, or even drivable. They are prepared for all matters.
  • At that point, a CCR body shop will contact the opposing insurance company and put you in a rental.
  • At this time the opposing insurance company only has a certain amount of time to react. There are laws that protect the plaintiff against shady insurance companies.
  • Once the opposing insurance company and the body shop decides on a reasonable price to fix your car, your car will get fixed in a timely manner.

Car Crash Relief’s body shops will have your vehicle looking as good as new!

Car Crash Relief’s repair shops all have the following:

  • Unibody frame repair bench
  • Three dimensional measuring system
  • Compression resistance spot welding to duplicate factory welding techniques
  • Computerized for wheel alignment machine to complete the repair by discovering damage to the suspension system that was caused indirectly by the accident
  • Proper paint mixing that is able to color match your vehicle
  • Factory ASE certified or I-Car trained technicians
If you need money right away, Car Crash Relief is backed by financial institutions that can provide you with the stability you deserve.
What Insurance Companies


The reason why insurance companies want you to bring your car to their body shop is for the following reasons:
  • They use after market parts, cheap paint, which decreases the actual property damage to your car.
  • They mostly do visual estimate without pulling car parts off to see the real structural damage.
  • Their estimates are also usually 50 percent less then if you took it to a private body shop.
Why do they do this? It offsets your personal injury claim.
  • For example, if your car really had five thousand dollars worth of damage, and the insurance company quoted you at 2,500, you may be losing thousands of dollars on your personal injury claim.
  • Insurance companies will also take up to 30 days to contact you about your car or injuries. They know if you don’t treat within two weeks of the date of accident they can deny your claim.
  • They will also try sending you a check in the mail for your car damages hoping you will Deposit it. This is a huge mistake.
  • Moreover, Insurance companies determine your case value by the damage of your car, early treatment, and the different types of doctors you see for your injuries.
You have rights when it comes to your health and fixing your car.
Call us now and find what else insurance companies try to do.
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