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    More than 50% of soft tissue cases are misdiagnosed.

    Car Crash Relief has partnered with the best board certified Doctors in Georgia. Whether it’s orthopaedic, pain management, neurology, physical therapy, and chirporactic, we have you covered!

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    What Our Clients Say

    I just wanted to say thank you for all that your staff did for me. You were very quick in your response and got me out of the bind I was in, when I needed cash fast. Especially the nice young lady Lynette. If you call her I bet she will get it done…

    Hi my name is Danielle and I was in a car crash 1 month ago. I was treated at a chiropractor’s office over in Decatur and they couldn’t fix the sharp pains in my neck, therefore, I called Car Crash relief about my concerns. They recommended I see one of their orthopedic doctors for an opinion. I ended up having to get a MRI on my neck. I was diagnosed with a C5/6 disc herniation. After a few treatments I was feeling great.

    Thanks Car Crash Relief

    My name is Darrell and I was in an accident in January and unable to work. Money was getting low and I didn’t know what I was going to do until a friend told me about Car Crash Relief. I had a check within 24 hours.

    Thanks Car Crash Relief

    Our family was in a car accident, we had no car because of the accident, no health insurance to treat our injuries, and worst no money because we could not work due to the auto accident. We looked up Car Crash Relief on the internet and scheduled an appointment. During our first meeting, they helped us get our much needed insurance check as well as a cash advance. They also made some great referrals on both lawyers and doctors and we got the answers to all our problems within 24 hours.

    Thank You CCR

    My name is Lynnette and I am a single mother of two. My personal injury case was held up in litigation and my money was tight. I called Car Crash Relief to get assistance with a cash advance. I was approved for $10,000.

    Thank you Car Crash Relief

    My name is James, I was in a car accident earlier this year. I had to pay my own medical bills until I called Car Crash Relief! The Medical doctors they sent me to didn’t cost me a penny out of my pocket.

    Car Crash Relief really helped me out!

    My name is Russchelle Howard, I was having problems with getting my attorney to call me back. It was over 2 months, a friend of mine told me about Car Crash Relief. Car Crash Relief suggested I get a second opinion with another attorney. I took their advice and went with another attorney. The service was first rate and we settled for the policy limit.

    Thanks Car Crash Relief

    When I got into my accident I called Car Crash Relief. They came to my home, picked me up, and got me in to see the medical doctor. By the time I left the office I had an attorney referral, a body shop was coming to my house to look at my car, and I had received therapy for my injuries. Within a couple of days I had a rental and was on my way to recovery.

    Thanks Car Crash Relief